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MediaCompass Ukraine company has been successfully working in the field of exhibition industry for more than 20 years. We have already organized over 40 prestigious international maritime and transport exhibitions, which were attended by 1018 companies from 26 countries. Within the framework of our forum, international conferences, summits, round tables and presentations are held annually, with the support of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and in accordance with the plan of activities of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation.
Being the publisher of the SHIPPING magazine - the only specialized international magazine in Ukraine with 25 years of experience, our team actively represents it at the largest international transport forums all over the world. Our magazine timely covers the development of Ukrainian and world shipping, shipbuilding, the operation of sea and river ports.
The team of MediaCompass Ukraine are high-level specialists who provide comfortable working conditions within the framework of the event in the exhibition complex, offer the best opportunities for publishing information about you in the SHIPPING magazine, are ready to produce any kinds of polygraphic products for you.
Our goal is to make a useful contribution to the development of your business!

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International exhibitions

International exhibitions promote attraction of investments, introduction of advanced technologies, development of a transport complex and tourist branch of the region.
Our exhibition movement is a good catalyst for the development of the national manufacturer's business, which, in turn, lays the foundation for Ukraine's access to the world market and the strengthening of the positive image of our country as a whole.

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The International Conference

The International Conference on Transport and Logistics has been raising global issues of the development of the transport complex of Ukraine for more than 20 years! An important place in the discussions of the conference and at the round table meetings is occupied by international projects on the development of shipping, optimization of logistics, attraction of investments, prospects for joining the Baltic, Black and Caspian seas, the organization of the New Silk Road, the revival of shipbuilding in Ukraine and the standardization of public and municipal transport.
Following the results of the conference, delegates agree on a document that is sent to the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Verkhovna Rada, the Administration of the President of Ukraine. The International Conference on Transport and Logistics annually gives a new impetus to the development of the transport structure of the country, to solving the most acute problems of the transport industry of the state!

The International SHIPPING magazine

The International SHIPPING magazine is a specialized periodical, covering since 1993 the development of Ukrainian and world shipping, shipbuilding, logistics, sea and river ports, the activities of maritime transport enterprises of various forms of ownership. The magazine comes out with a classical periodicity - 10 times a year. Each issue contains 64 full-color pages. The materials are published in Russian and in English.The International SHIPPING magazine is distributed among the professionals of the maritime business - managers of transport industry enterprises, managers of shipping companies, shipbuilding and shiprepairing plants, representatives of maritime administrations, experts, as well as specialized international transport forums in Europe, Asia and other continents .

Polygraphic products

Production of advertising and printing products is one of the important areas of MediaCompass Ukraine. Table and wall calendars, posters, postcards, made by us, are original and make a presentable impression.
Advertising polygraphy is a good way to express yourself or support the established image of the company.

We are ready to develop and print any kinds of printing products for you.

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